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Brand Creation and Implementation

Great Brands stick around. Great Brands get a reputation.  How does this happen?

Well it’s a case of thorough desk and sector research (again, we know, but that is what great B2B communications depends on!). This then focuses efforts for the creation of relevant Brands that strike the right chord.

Branding - It’s the name itself of course and also every other element that surrounds it – the logo, strap line, even the colour ways and typefaces.

We create Business Brands through a staged process of:

Research › Creating Families of Identities › Client Consultation (actually quite an interesting phase where the client “lives” with the families for a while) › Focus Groups  › Two Final alternatives › Final set.

Then it’s time for the Identity Guide and a full set of do’s and don’ts with applications galore, including a stationery package and corporate print set.

Again – it costs less (and takes less time) than you would think. The people who created these identities below wait for your call!

Here are some that we did earlier:
Ospreys Rugby
Solstice Park

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