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We have been delivering the business for our clients at Cannes Conventions for 29 consecutive years now! You will be safe in the knowledge that our well turned-out chauffeur will meet you when you arrive at Nice airport and transfer you directly to a well-appointed modern and centrally located apartment – a walking distance from the Palais.

We have exclusivity on the most very best apartments in central Cannes (please see some pictures below), so do let us know what you need and we will send through descriptions, location and pictures. We recently managed over 100 apartments for 19 clients at MIPIM 2018 so have the local management skills to smooth the way – allowing you to concentrate on your busy schedule.

And when it comes to local management skills we are the only company to have a full time manager based in Cannes. This saves time and gets you that restaurant reservation or innovative event venue – we know all the best places that will impress your clients and get them talking about you in the nicest way possible!

For nearly three decades we have delivered the audience for our UK clients in Cannes - creating and managing cost effective Cannes events – breakfasts, lunches, seminars and dinners. These are designed to pay you back with tangible quality enquiries and are hosted at low cost but very central venues.

If you wish we can design a well targeted database and recruit the right guests. We manage the venue and de-brief the home team with a very thorough data capture system and enquiry log that delivers value and long term projects for you. Lets get talking….

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