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“I would not have started from here” - this saying is pretty relevant for a lot of companies. Even in these navel-gazing times it’s easy to lose your way and get your market approach all wrong. That’s where VERANO comes in.

Research and Market Development ConsultancyHere is a selection of what we can provide to get you back on track.

Being who we are we place an emphasis on communication - both outbound (business delivery) and internal (keeping the best team in place for as long as possible). We are very active in this area and because the details are sometimes a little sensitive we need to mention no client names!

Here is a brief run-down of what we do here:

- Sector desk research/Competitor research

- Market positioning and customer perceived market positioning

- Relative pricing and range of the product offer

- Business modelling and business focus on particular services or products

- Point of contact and client DMU analysis

- Audit of communication channels (including internal methods) and support materials

- Enquiry systems and enquiry tracking

- ”Cost per enquiry” analyses for various marketing channels

- Optimum budget setting and seasonality factors

- Customer facing teams – training and support, feedback and Account Team information sharing

- Industry networking opportunities and sector conferences, exhibitions

- The crucial importance in quality database creation for B2B clients

- The creation of hard working and measurable marketing campaigns

- Scheduling, measuring and timetabling

- Other identifiable elements that transpire from the initial series of discussions 

- And...Good old SWOT – which still has its place, and focussed actions from it – keeping it real, not academic.

This service probably costs a lot less than you may imagine and is always quoted on an hourly basis (you never know how long these things will take).

  Telephone: 01628 302307

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